Our mission is to introduce, connect, support, and expand the entrepreneurial ecosystem within the greater Atlanta region to bolster the creation of jobs, companies and wealth.

We serve growth-focused entrepreneurs in the Atlanta region who are focused on scaling their business. As a neutral non-profit, our only interest is in seeing our startup community thrive.

Who We Are

  • Adam Harrell, Founder, Nebo Agency & President of Startup Atlanta Board of Directors

  • Noelle London, Manager of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Invest Atlanta

  • Michael Maziar, Investor Relations Manager, ATDC & Engage Ventures 

  • David Brinkman, President & CEO, AssureSign

  • Vickie Thomas, President, Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Metro Atlanta Chamber

  • Sig Mosley, Managing Partner at Mosley Ventures

  • Bronwyn Morgan, CEO at Subkulture Innovation

  • Gail Podolsky, Attorney at Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, PA

  • Chris Maxwell, Partner, Morris Manning & Martin, LLP

  • Bernice Dixon, Founder & CEO, LaunchPad2X
  • Carie Davis, Partner, Your Ideas Are Terrible

  • Bruce Berger, Director, Clark Atlanta University Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurial Development

  • Brad Stevens, CEO, Entreholic

Our Founding Partners

Without the support of our founding partners we would not exist. 

Pro Bono Partners

These firms provide us with the services and expertise to keep us running.