• Emory Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (E3) - The Emory Entrepreneurship Ecosystem is a communal space for students interested in and passionate for entrepreneurship. Within the ecosystem, students will network and take advantage of mentorship opportunities while gathering information and preparing for next steps in entrepreneurship ventures.
  • Emory Entrepreneur & Venture Management (EEVM) - Emory Entrepreneurship & Venture Management is Emory's first campus-wide organization that directly promotes an entrepreneurial atmosphere on campus. EEVM was founded in May 2013 and since then, has become the fastest growing organization at Emory by hosting events like Startup Crunch, Innovation Series, and hackATL.

Georgia State

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Institute - The Entrepreneurship & Innovation Institute provides real-world concepts and experiences to students who aspire to reshape the future through entrepreneurship. Students connect with entrepreneurship and innovation industry leaders through a variety of events like pitch competitions; panel discussions; and the uVenture Challenge, a competition for student teams to find the best business model and market strategy to create customer demand and market viability.

Georgia Tech

  • CREATE-X - CREATE-X is an initiative designed to build entrepreneurial confidence among students at Georgia Tech. Startups going through CREATE-X programs have raised outside capital, executed successful crowdfunding campaigns, and secured large corporate clients.
  • VentureLab - VentureLab works with faculty and students to create startups based on Georgia Tech research using evidence-based entrepreneurship.

Kennesaw State

  • Shore Entrepreneurship Center - At the Robin and Doug Shore Entrepreneurship Center in the Coles College of Business, they pride themselves on training students and entrepreneurs who desire to better themselves, others, and society. They achieve this by bringing together the “best of the best” in entrepreneurship and providing transformational programs and experiences to their community.

Morehouse College

  • Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center (MCEC) - The Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center is a global model for higher education and industry collaborations, programs that connect education with student leadership development, and community-focused resources and support.